Do you or your organization really understand social media? We show how it can be harnessed to the benefit of your organization.

Specifically we look at:

  • What is social media? Its benefits and the impact it can make
  • How to use social media tools effectively and avoid pitfalls
  • How to develop meaningful messages for your audiences
  • How to evaluate your social media presence

Twitter campaigns need to be managed


COMMUNICATING effectively and efficiently through the use of social media avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogs and much more

DEVELOPING a new media strategy to drive performance based communications

DELIVERING the information that citizens want, when they want it, via the channel they prefer

MAXIMIZING awareness of your organisation’s mission to the public

ESTABLISHING and empowering brand ambassadors by pushing the message out as well as pulling information in

IMPROVING the use of technology to develop better service delivery

UNDERSTANDING the role of informed citizenry in government

INTEGRATING social media tools into your internal and external communication strategies

MEASURING the effectiveness of your social media strategy and demonstrating its values within your organisation

PREPARING your organisation for crisis by implementing social media strategies into your crisis communication plan

ENABLING conversation and collaboration

TAKING citizen feedback and ideas and putting into action plans