A crisis is the acid test for any organization - and a crisis is no time to start learning.

Advance preparation, planning and training is essential. It provides confidence. Confidence comes from experience. Experience comes from learning.


In responding to a crisis, organizations are put under intense media scrutiny. The tone and effectiveness of its communication response will be a decisive factor in protecting, possibly even enhancing, its reputation.
Remember your nightmare is often a journalist’s dream assignment. If the media is not properly handled information will be at best partial – at worst distorted – and the crisis worsened.

We will analyze successful damage limitation exercises, such as the recent crash of an Air France airliner returning from Brazil, and compare and contrast with “train smashes” like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or the kidnapped Nigerian school girls debacle where inappropriate terms and poor handling made a bad situation worse and seriously damaged the company’s image – and share price.