Our team of highly-experienced media experts offers a unique blend of international and African knowledge to ensure you and your company or organisation always delivers the right message at the right time. CMR offers a range of services to help you make maximum use of Africa’s rapidly changing media environment, including social media.

We teach you to use the media not let the media use YOU.


The media should be seen not as a threat to your organisation but an opportunity to reach millions of people, including current and new clients, policymakers, and your competition, with your point of view. A journalist is merely a conduit to get to that audience, and no matter the situation, there is always something positive to say. Remember: it’s free advertising, and audiences see news reports as much more credible than adverts. But you must stay in command of your media engagements. As a breed, journalists are broadly honest, curious and sceptical. Treat them professionally instead of with suspicion, and using the tools CMR teaches you will be surprised how quickly you feel in control. But BEWARE: there are many pitfalls, and many ways to make major mistakes.

CMR Media Training – tailored to your requirements from modular sessions that fit half-day, one-day, and two-day training programmes – will leave you and your team able always to be confident, clear, and in control.


  • The importance of the personal anecdote, even in dry business stories
  • Why there is no such thing as ‘off-the-record’ – or a ‘local’ story
  • Why the media’s idea of ‘news’ differs from yours, and how to match the two
  • The importance of a clear message, and how to hammer it home every time
  • The rule of threes, the A-B-C-D-E of interviews, and the T-R-U-T-H of news
  • Why your favourite shirt, or jewellery, or glasses, can destroy your screen credibility
  • Why you should stand up when on the telephone to a reporter
  • ‘Never-fail’ bridging and blocking statements to get you back to your message
  • How most crisis media interviews make things worse: and how to succeed instead

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