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Want to build quality relationships with reporters that helps you continually get press? Here’s one thing you absolutely can’t do – tell a reporter how to do her job. There are few other things that will kill a blossoming relationship with a reporter faster than you breathing down her neck trying to tell her how to write an article, what angle she should take, and so on. Know your role, and shut your mouth!

Here’s the thing. Your job is to provide the reporter with the info she needs to write her story. Whether that means sending a press release to make her aware of some important news, being available for an interview, or providing relevant materials, the only thing you’re doing is providing information and trying to get your message out there.

Your job is not…I repeat, NOT…to write the story for the reporter. That’s her job. That’s what she does day in and day out. Sure, you might want her to mention something specific about your brand, or you might hope she spins the story in a certain way to best present your message, but you can’t try to demand that she do it.

And after the fact if the story doesn’t turn out quite the way you had hoped, you can’t dial up the reporter and chew her out for not writing the story the way you wanted it to be written. Unless there is an actual factual error or something was seriously misrepresented in the article, all you can do is keep your mouth shut if you’re not satisfied with the final product.

Remember, reporters owe you nothing. They don’t exist to promote your business. Their columns aren’t for advertising. All a reporter cares about is telling a story her readers want to see. So, sit back and let them do their job without interfering.

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