Benefits of carrying out Media Training for the Company

  • August 26, 2015
  • BLOG

Give a voice to your brand for free.
Every company needs a voice and it’s important that your company is part of the conversation now so that when you need to be heard you already have an engaged audience that expect to hear from you via your chosen media outlets.

React quickly to industry change.
Stay ahead of your competitors and ensure that you are the company that journalists think of when they need a comment by reacting quickly to industry change and volunteering a statement. By putting yourself and your company out there you can engage with you customers and ensure that they recognise you as ‘leading the way in the field’.

Enhance your companies profile as an industry expert.
Every company wants to be the authority in their sector and it’s the ones that get involved in the media conversation that usually are – or at least they are the ones that the audience perceive as being the industry leaders.

Reach new customers.
How much does your company spend on advertising? Where do your potential customers converge, perhaps they all read the money section of The Mail or maybe they stick with your trade press. Wherever they are you can connect with them via editorials, commenting on other peoples news or industry change. What’s your hook going to be?

Engage with existing customers.
Your customers want to hear from you. They almost certainly want you to succeed as this means that they have made the right decision in plumping for you as a business partner. So get out there and spread the good news and give your customers the chance to say “See – we backed a winner there”

Increasing your companies brand awareness.
Brand reputation is massively important and is only ignored at your peril. You need to plan for the worst-case scenario with a thorough crisis strategy and crisis management training in the hope that the skills are never required. An alternative business strategy would be to keep your fingers crossed!